Tony Oxendine


Jörg Biewald


Thorsten Geppert


Hans Kabierske


08. - 10. October 2021


Myth - Fun - Cult - Friends

The Pader Jumpers SDC e.V. cordially invite you to
the Pader Rodeo, the hottest Square Dance Ticket in Europe...

This year Tony Oxendine, Jörg Biewald and Thorsten Geppert will rock the Eggelandhalle. And everyone who has been before knows what we are talking about.

Strictly Mainstream, everyone dances with everyone... and that is the way it should be!



Dear ‚Rodeoists 2020’,

we are writing to you because you are registered for the Pader Rodeo 2020.

In light of the current situation now also the Pader-Jumpers have to cancel their Event Pader Rodeo 2020.

Very pragmatically we have waited and observed the development. But now, 11 weeks before the Rodeo, we cannot see any planning security.
The Rodeo has always had a particular “feel”. This feel we cannot invision if we had to reduce dancer numbers drastically and had to implement hygiene-concepts.

And also we could never forgive ourselves if a dancer became infected at the Rodeo and would be harmed.

What are we doing now?
What are the options

I would like to participate in the Pader Rodeo 2021
If we do not receive an E-Mail from you, you are automatically registered for the next Pader Rodeo, 8th until 10th October 2021. Your place is safe.

I would like to cancel free of charge
For a cancellation free of charge until 9th October 2020 please send an E-Mail to
Please also forward your IBAN and the name of the account holder.
For a cancellation after this date the “normal” cancellation policy ( EUR 3,00 handling fee etc.) apply.
The place at Rodeo 2021 will be lost, one would have to register new on potential rest-places.

We do hope that this uncomplicated handling of the situation finds your approval.

All Pader-Jumpers are very much looking forward to welcoming you next year!

Keep calm & Stay safe

Pader Rodeo - Myth - Fun - Cult Friends