Stefan Sidholm


Nils Trottmann


Thorsten Geppert


20. - 22. Oktober 2023


Myth - Fun - Cult - Friends

The Pader Jumpers SDC e.V. cordially invite you to the Pader Rodeo, the hottest Square Dance Ticket in Europe...

This year Stefan Sidholm, Nils Trottmann and Thorsten Geppert will rock the Eggelandhalle. And everyone who has been before knows what we are talking about.

Strictly Mainstream, everyone dances with everyone... and that is the way it should be!


The Pader Rodeo is currently sold out! A waiting list is installed.
As soon as we have vacant places, we will send you a confirmation.
Please transfer the amount only once you have received that confirmation!


Not only the Pader jumpers were surprised by the large rush to our Rodeo 2023, apparently the web server too.
And the latter just went to its knees and nothing worked anymore. Sorry!
The technical requirements are currently being brought up to the required level, and then we all hope that the booking will go smoothly.

The new booking date is:

Sunday 2nd April 2023 14:00 hrs

Save the date!

Thank you for your understanding!

Unfortunately the application process for the Pader rodeo had to be stopped for technical reasons.
A new date will be announced next week on the website.
Many thanks for your understanding.

Pader Rodeo 2023-we are going for it!

Dear friends of the Pader Rodeo,

our hopes are high that we can "ride the Rodeo" in 2023 after a long wait.

BOOKING DAY is Saturday, 4th March 2023 10:00 h

A few changes, however, were inevitable after speaking to the Eggelandhalle.

  • We can no longer offer accommodation in the hall due to insurance parameters. Sorry!
  • And our popular Coffee & Cake Buffet can also not be offered any longer,- land of Health & Safety.

But we are certain that nevertheless we will all enjoy the fantastic atmosphere of the PADER RODEO again.

The Pader-Jumpers wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Best regards
Your Pader-Jumpers

Pader Rodeo - Myth - Fun - Cult - Friends

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